Planning a Funeral

What to consider before planning a funeral

  • Who’s life am I celebrating?
  • What was that person like? 
  • How did they live their life?
  • Were they outgoing, with lots of friends?
  • Were they involved in the community?
  • What did that person express as his or her wishes concerning celebrating their life?
  • Did they express a preference to burial or cremation?
  • Were they Military at any point in life?
  • Do they belong to a Church or Fraternal organization?

Following that consideration, you may want to explore the different types of both Burial or Cremation services:

Burial Services

There are mainly 3 types of burial services;

Traditional– this service features a visitation, with or without viewing, a funeral service usually follows (this may be at the funeral home or church) it may be the same day or divided into two days. Following the funeral, a procession to the cemetery usually follows. The interment at the cemetery may also be the next day, depending on the family’s preference.

Graveside services– This type of burial service is done right at the graveside. There is no visitation. Following the ceremony, the casket can be lowered as part of the service or after guests leave, depending on family preference.

Direct burial– this type of service involves no ceremony, and no guests present. The casket is brought to the grave by the funeral home, and lowered into the ground. The vault company then proceeds to close the grave.

Regardless of which type of burial, we offer the most attractive and affordable casket options available in wood or steel. We can also assist you with your Memorial Monument selection, right at the funeral home. We provide coach (hearse) services to the cemetery, with or without police escorts. We also provide the option to use a motorcycle hearse or a horse drawn carriage. 

Cremation Services

Traditional- with this type of service, there is usually a visitation, with or without viewing, followed by the funeral service, which may  be held at the funeral home, the church, or at a site of the family’s choice. This may be the same day, or may be divided into 2 days. Following the funeral service, the service is concluded at that location. The family then comes to the funeral home to pick up the urn when cremation has been completed.

Memorial Cremation– this type of services involves no viewing. Family and friends gather to celebrate the life and memories of the deceased. This type of service can be held at any location. (Provided the proper permits and authorizations are obtained)

Direct Cremation– this type of cremation has no ceremony. The family comes to pick up the urn when it’s ready at the funeral home, usually along with the death certificates and a flag,  if the deceased is a veteran. 

No matter what type of service you choose for your loved one, you can feel confident that you are working with  premier level professionals,  first rate merchandise, all at an affordable price that allows you to create a beautiful, imaginative, and fitting service for the life we help you celebrate.

We offer our lovely chapel, which can seat up to 40 people, or we can come to your church. Any site you wish, provided we have clearance and authority. We would offer our enhancement items, designed to add depth and meaning to your loved one’s service.

We feature:

  1. Dove releases
  2. Butterfly releases
  3. Balloon releases
  4. Bagpipers
  5. Harpists- with or without vocalists
  6. Quartets- with or without vocalists
  7. Memorial DVD

Just to name a few.

We offer state of the art urns, and one of a kind jewelry.  Our truly meaningful memorialization items for your loved one are affordable and stunning. We welcome you to explore our options.



We are also a proud agent for MedCure Donor Program , United Tissue Network Donor Program, and Florida Brain Bank Donor Program.

MedCure is an organization which helps tomorrow’s health care professionals train through anatomical donation. United Tissue Network is an organization that conducts advanced research concerning disease and surgical device developments.  Both of these fine programs provide a cost free direct cremation and 1 -2 death certificates at no charge to the family.

The Florida Brain Bank donation program works with a locally based pathology team which obtains the brain for research and study of debilitating brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Dementia. The family will be provided with a full pathology report from the expert team at the Florida Brain Bank in Miami, Florida.

You may inquire about details of each program through our funeral home.

Forms to Download

Cremation Authorization

Post Funeral Checklist

While choosing help from these will probably be helpful, it’s also best if you’re all set to proceed the link right now start from scratch and will not have any previous projects available.