William G. Willson

Obituary for William G. Willson

William Willson, 59, of Ruskin, passed away August 13, 2018.  He was a loving man to his family & many others over the years. He and his wife took in many kids and helped guide and raise them. He shared his generous heart and home with those who needed to be cared for.  He always put others before himself, and will always be loved and missed.
He worked for 40 yrs as a crane operator, where he loved loading ships at TMR in Tampa. He loved his cranes and took excellent care of them. He will always be remembered for being a capable, conciencious worker who could always be counted on.
William is survived by his beloved wife of 42 years, Pam ; 3 sons, Clinton (Melissa), Keith, and Jason ( Stephanie); 8 grandchildren, Billy (Jessica), Krista (AJ), John (Sierra), Joe, Ariel, Andrew (Erika), Dylan and Mikey; 3 Great Grandkids, Kyilee, Jaxson and Alima.  He had a special love for Jessica, a daughter that he took in; and for Evelyn Rogers, who was like a surogate mother, and so many friends, neighbors, and coworkers who will never forget him.
In lieu of flowers contribute to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He got sad to see commercials of children with cancer.

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