Thomas Hillman

Obituary for Thomas Hillman

Thomas Hillman, age 53, passed away July 12, 2018. He was a loving father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle and friend.   Even through difficult times, Tommy’s laughter and twinkling eyes would light up even our darkest days and nights.  We will always remember the good times we shared with him and we thank God for putting him in our lives.

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I will Miss you more than a friend , you were like a Brother to me, more than any of my own brothers. I will always remember the good times we had. I will think of you daily until we meet again one day, Brother.

Love you like a Brother,
Joe J


I always tell my kids, friends and family to live their lives to the fullest with no regrets. When I think of the passing of Tommy, I realize this is advice that I did not exercise myself concerning Tommy. Now I’m left with a lingering voice whirling around in my head saying would of, could of should of taken a road trip to see him sooner, rather than later. Now it is later, and all that is left is distant memories of days gone by. Tommy had such a kind soul & loving soul. He had a heart made out of gold, which reflected in his eyes, they twinkled like Santa Clause. His smile & laughter was infectious. There was no escape from his feel good vibes that followed him everywhere he went. On a persons cloudiest day, Tommy presence brought in a ray of sunshine that undoubtedly pushed the clouds away. God took his angel on earth that was loved by all, and brought him home. Tommy will be missed, but never forgotten. He will live on in the hearts of every person that was ever graced by his kinship and/or friendship. May his soul rightfully rest in peace for all of eternity. ~Love Always, Lisa Lynn


Tommy, you was a true friend when I first arrived in Virginia. I was so very sad and sorry to hear of my good friend’s passing. I will never forget all the wonderful times we spent together. Tommy RIP.


I missed many of your last years and feel I had lost touch but I will never forget the time we spent together. Pushing me on the swingset and rough housing were some of the best times. I hope you have found peace. Until we meet again.
<3 Amber Starr


RIP Tommy. AKA Biker Boy. Chris G


I hope to see you one peaceful day again,I will miss your laughter, and I hope you are pain free and exploring the world and still around us in just a different spiritual way. I am sorry that I did not say that I love you enough because of Chris he always said and still says you are and was the best uncle he had. Miss you much.


Tommy, I hope the crow flies low to carry your soul –
the world will be a lot more quiet without your laughter and stories untold.
One more glimpse of those twinkling green eyes could make the whole world smile.
Lived hard, Loved hard, now you are truly wild and free.

I will never forget the roller-coaster car rides we used to take – all gas and no brake!

Always so genuine in everything you did – with such purpose and Love – your Heart gave ALL it had to give.
Spirit of a Wolf howling at the moon – our good ol’ boy gone too soon.

Love Always ~ Your niece,
Amanda <3