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Thomas Dale Ambrose 76 was born in Detroit Michigan on November 26, 1942. He passed away in Tampa, Florida on April 4, 2019.  Tom was the 5th of 9 children; Betty, James, Joan, Louella, Robert, David, Cheryl and Sandra.  He was an over the road long distance truck driver and he traveled mostly alone but occasionally would pick up his granddaughter Shelly in Michigan to ride with him.  Sometimes Mickey and even his furry friends Peanut, and Newt would travel with him weeks at a time. Always a smile on his face Tom made an unforgettable impression on everyone he met.

Tom is survived by his beloved Mickey (Laura Combs) of 21 years. His two daughters Rebecca along with her husband Richard Rodriguez with their children Richard and Daniel.  Christina along with her husband William Groves with their two children Victoria (granddaughter) along with her life partner Nichole and their daughter Bella (great granddaughter). Michelle (granddaughter) along with her husband Julian with their children Blake and Amelia (great grandchildren). His one son Charles and his family.

Her four children- Jimmy, Brian, Lisa (Matt) and Terri (Manny).  Grandchildren are Christopher, Leeanne, Joshua, Tammy, Jimmy Jr., Summer, Hallie, Jorel, Ginay, Manuel Jr. and Nicolas.   Great grandchildren are Zachary, Ruby, Walker, Kaylynn, Rowdy, Caleb, Chyanne, Aria, Emma, Ryleigh and Stefan.

A celebration of life gathering will be held on Saturday April 20,2019 at Lowry Park (Shelter #118) in Tampa, Florida at noon.

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