Susan Nelson

Obituary for Susan Nelson

Susan loved her family, especially the children. She was always happiest at a family gathering and held holidays dear. She frequently talked about holidays we shared as kids. Susan loved to hear her brother Steve’s stories because he always made her laugh and once she told me how much she loved talking to her brother-in-law Lonnie because he was so interesting.  Susan would frequently tell people she’d meet stories about her Mom and Dad and family history because she was so proud of where she came from. She was an important part of her family and will be greatly missed.

Susan is survived by her brothers: William, Chuck and Steve; her brother-in-law, Mike: her sisters Donna and Carol her sisters-in-Law Gail and Sharon. Her Nephews: Sam. Bill, Richard and Charles; Her nieces: Dori, Michelle, Brandi, Stacy and 11 great nieces and nephews.

Susan was preceded in death by her parents, Doris and Samuel Nelson, and her brother-in-law, Lonnie Gewin.

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