Margaux Milan, Margaret Ficoratto, Margaret Nardi

Obituary for Margaux Milan, Margaret Ficoratto, Margaret Nardi

Milan, Margaux, formerly Margaret Ficoratto and Margaret Nardi, 65, of Riverview, passed October 31, 2017, following a very brave battle with several illnesses. Even through her most difficult times, she always had a smile and sweet disposition. She never complained and she was always sunny and grateful to those who were blessed to be a part of her care. Margaux was born in White Plains, NY to Milton and Margaret Nardi. She was an amazing wife, daughter and friend. She loved to laugh and make everyone else smile. She lit up every room she walked into. She had an open heart and open mind. Margaux loved everyone unconditionally and forgave easily. She will be missed everyday by those heartbroken by her loss. Everyone will always remember her beautiful smile. She saw the best in everyone, and always tried to bring it out.

She was preceded in death by her mother, her brother, David Nardi; a sister, Sabrina O’Brien, and Sabrina’s husband, Shawn. She is survived by her husband, Robert; her father, Milton Nardi; 2 sisters, Shelleigh and Davina; and countless other friends from Brandon Regional Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital South, South Bay Hospital, DaVita Dialysis Center, to whom Margaux and Robert will always be grateful.

In lieu of flowers, Margaux’s family requests that memorial contributions in her name be made to:

The American Kidney Foundation at

or The American Diabetes fund at

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On October 1st, 2018 we had a memorial service at Fishhawk Fellowship Church, Lithia, Fl. to mark the halfway point between your Birthday (Sept. 1 ) and the day of your passing (Oct. 31 ). It was attended by a small amount of people including sincere and kind members of the Church who never met you in Life but I think know you through my words and thoughts. Many friends and family from all over sent their prayers and thoughts on that day as well as they were made aware of this special time.
Today I am writing this on Oct. 14, which would have been our 45th wedding anniversary. Words mean little anymore but it is the only bridge I have to you, Soon it will be one year since your pain and agony came to a close. Your strength and goodness is not in vain. Always, my Love.,


Margaux and I worked for the state back in the seventies. It was not an easy job but she made it fun every day. We laughed so hard I had to bring extra pants incase she made me pee myself. We had ton of fun on our lunch hours as well. I remember once we had lunch on a wall over looking a water falls. It was so pretty. However, when we got up to leave I realized I had sat on a fish hook. I was stuck threw my jeans. I had to lay down on my stomach in her car so we could get back to work. I begged her not to say anything but we were both laughing so hard.. Just as she was about to pull out a couple of men we worked with and she just couldn’t help herself and told them to look in her car to see what happened. Now we were all laughing this was so crazy. She finally took me back to work and she stayed with me while the nurse there took the hook out for me. If it wasn’t for her since of humor I don’t think I could have made it through this whole thing. As years passed we still always kept in touch and would talk about all the crazy, scary, but because of her the fun times we had together. I will always think of Margo and smile she made everyone laugh.
Now she is in heaven still being as funny as she always was. I do believe this. We will always miss you and remember your smile and laughter. I love you dear sweet friend!


Your Birthday Sweetheart. How I wish I could give you gifts today like you gave me every day we were together.
All that I took for granted, now I wish I could have even a moment back. I am glad that I received messages from some of our friends today who will never forget your beautiful Life and Spirit. May my Love be strong enough to see us together for ever and after. Now it is my turn to endure pain – the pain of your absence, the loss of your smile, the loss of your wisdom, the loss of your touch and the love and caring you showed me every moment we were together. Love You more than Life itself.


I remember when I was young, how much I loved going over to your house when you lived in pleasant valley. I was so upset when you and uncle Bob moved. I loved you so much, as u do still. .. the eyes and voice, like my mothers..
In Heaven- sisters United as one♡


Six months have gone by and the hurt is the same as day one without you, Sweetheart. The ache in my heart never lessens. All the pains and sorrows of my entire lifetime does not compare with my loss of you. My only solace is that a warrior such as you is destined for greater rewards than can be had in this mortal plane. I pray every night that we will be together soon as your presence is all I look forward to God willing.


The first Valentines Day in almost half a century that we are not together. All the times I took for granted, that I now wish for a single moment , I could re-live with you Sweetheart. May God, and your and my ancestors, fill your eternity with Love and Happiness. My love for you will never end, my tears will never stop, my guilt for living beyond you my shame for you were the gentle soul that deserved to live longer and bring joy to everyone you met. All my saved up hugs and kisses I send your way, my Precious and Forever Love.


Spent Christmas with your Aunt and Cousin and your Father sharing your memory. There is a great void in Life now, but looking at the stars at night I can’t help but think of the magnificence of God’s Creation and your place within it. Your Love sustains me. My Love and Prayers forever forward Sweetheart.


Tomorrow, December 1, 2017, will mark 1 full month without you Sweetie. The world has lost a beautiful, loving, self sacrificing soul and I have lost that which makes the world go round. You cannot imagine how much you have touched so many as I am learning everyday. You are the first thing and the last thing and everything in between in my thoughts all the time. Peace, Love, and Happiness for Eternity My Sweet you are deserving of nothing less.