Lydia Iris Granell

Obituary for Lydia Iris Granell

Lydia Granell passed away on Saturday, February 3rd, after a long, valiant battle with Cancer.  She was loved, cherished and respected by her friends and family. She leaves behind Alberto, her husband of 58 years, and her two sons, Albert and Scott.  She will be missed for her wisdom, wit and love of life.

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Here is Mom, cooking our last Thanksgiving together. She is doing what she loved, in a place that she loved, among her flowers. There are many different photos I could have picked, but this one shows Mom in a complete way, well, that and the smile is classic.

I love you Mami, and always will. Say Hello to Karen for me, as well as Titi Carmen and Grandma. Hopefully, the rest of us down here will give you all fun things to talk about in Heaven over coffee.