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Laurie Hammett, 57, passed away peacefully at home March 18, 2018, following a courageous battle with cancer. She was surrounded by her loving family. Laurie was born June 22, 1960, in Washington D.C. and was a resident of southern Maryland for 46 years.

She was a devoted daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother (Nama) who loved her family.

Laurie is survived by her husband of 34 years, Thomas Johnson Hammett II; son, Daniel Hammett; daughter, Denise White (Sean), and grandchildren, Emilie and Hailie. She is also survived by her mother, B. Jean DeMent; her brothers, G. Ronald DeMent, Douglas DeMent (Donna) and her sister, Janet Sfrella. She was preceded in death by her beloved father, Donald DeMent.

Laurie worked in the school system as a sign language interpreter, and enjoyed teaching and working with her students. She also enjoyed reading and watching sports; her favorites being Redskins Football, and Lightning Hockey.

Her quick wit, laughter and smile will be deeply missed.

Relatives and friends are invited to Laurie’s Celebration of Life March 25th from 3 to 6PM located at 15540 Carl’s Farm Place, Hughesville, MD 20637. Casual dress per her request







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Laurie’s Celebration of Life

Sunday, March 25th

from 3 to 6PM

15540 Carl’s Farm Place,

Hughesville, MD


Casual dress per her request

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Laurie was a beautiful girl, with huge eyes and eyelashes too. She did a great deal with her life, teaching and helping others. My heart and prayers are with you all.


We had lots of fun selling donuts for the cub scouts many moons ago. She was a wonderful friend.


So many happy memories to share. When my dad was in the hospital and my first born was an infant Laurie and I snuck her into his room at the hospital. I was all hesitant but she took the baby and in we went. On the way out people kept looking at my beautiful daughter and commenting how cute she was and I said, “I’ll take her now” Laurie laughed and said , “Oh now you want everyone to know she’s yours!!”


Mom,it has been 4 days since I saw you cut your eyes in annoyance and crack your sweet smile. I have picked up the phone atleast 5 times to ask for help planning your arrangements. I know we both talked and accepted how this was going to go but with all due respect,it sucks. I remember you laughing at me telling me you were sorry I was stuck with Dad and Daniel and that I could still overcome. I am thankful you are pain free and that as far as this situation goes you passed in a peaceful way. I’ll never be able to crack a diet coke without thinking of you and I hope that you know we” sure do love you”. Rest Easy Mama and tell Jesus thank you for the time he gave us.


I can never explain the heartache I have and see in our family with you gone. We all know that you prepared us for this with love, teachings, support, and the smacks to the back of the head with the don’t be stupid you know your smarter then that. Most men complain about there mother-in-laws being a pain in the but, most of my complaints were that you were a damn Redskins fan. You always treated me like I was your son. You always had a open door for anyone who needes to talk. Hearing you say you were proud of something I did ment the world cause if any of us did anything halfway we got told about it. There is so much more to say but most of all, I think of saying thank you and I love you. Love your pain in the ass son-in-law!!!