Obituary for KAREN F JOHNSON

Johnson, Karen F, 76, of Riverview, FL, passed away on June 28, 2019. She was a beloved grandmother, sister, and friend. Karen was a fun loving, generous and unselfish lady. She strived to better the lives of others through her career as a social worker in Denver Colorado. She always wanted to make others feel safe and happy, and she worked passionately towards that goal. She eventually retired and moved to Florida, where she lived with her cherished granddaughter, Amber Bettis. She is also survived by her sweet grandson, Antonio Kolessar; her brother, Bill Johnson, and her daughter, Robin. Robin may or may not have succeeded her (unknown) but she’s in her heart always. Until we meet again, we will miss you and love you every day. Rest in peace, with our love and gratitude for being part of our lives.

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