Obituary for JOE CATHEY

Joe Cathey, 78, born and breed in Texas, a man known for quirky humor, wit, and stubbornness, is no longer shopping at Walmart. On July 29th, 2019, his body was past it’s expiration date and it was time to cash in his good karma points for unlimited rewards including (but not limited to) beer, steak (made his way), a comfy recliner in front of a big screen TV, the best fishing spot where they always bite, a work bench where every tool imaginable is available with plenty of things to putter around on, and company among old friends and family he had not seen in a long time. Though he went out kicking and screaming, he will be sorely missed by many Walmart greeters.
He proudly served his country in the United States Air Force for 24 years and worked 20 years for University of South Florida as a maintenance mechanic referred admiringly by dorm residence as ‘Beta Joe’. Respected and treasured, Joe’s ‘unique’ perspective influenced his curiosity, mechanical genius, penchant for tinkering, general resourcefulness, humor, and even creative talent. Despite this he was a modest, thoughtful ‘Good Ole Boy’ and beloved friend to many. The type to lend a hand or find a creative solution, and always thinking of others before him. Always doing what was right and faking it when he got it wrong. He led a life full of laughter, love and fun.
He was preceded by billions… including his parents George and Eula Cathey, and older brother Richard Cathey. Survivors include adored older sister Nadine Marshall, his beloved daughters Teresa, Donna, Samantha and Stephanie, numerous wonderful grandchildren, cherished wife of 44+ years Pei-Eng Cathey, and a perplexing pile of junk and unfinished projects that nobody knows what to do with.
He left detailed instructions to his wife and children to celebrate his life here. In of lieu of flowers, if you are feeling generous please donate to a charity of your choice.

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