Hugh “Gene” Eugene Kearse, Sr.

Obituary for Hugh “Gene” Eugene Kearse, Sr.

Hugh “Gene” Eugene Kearse, Sr, 77, predeceased by his parents James W Kearse Sr and Elsie Coleman, and beloved wife, Constance Kearse, died peacefully on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. He is survived by his daughters Jean Kearse, Megan Campbell, and Darlene Kearse, and his sons, James Kearse, and Eugene Kearse. A retired trucker of 40 years, he enjoyed spending time with family, tinkering with his CB radios, and caring for his animals. A longtime resident of Riverview, he was devoted to the safety of his community and was especially proud of his involvement with the HCSO Citizens Academy. Gene is fondly remembered as a gentle, loving soul, who showed kindness and generosity to friends, family, and strangers alike. His sweet smile and loving ways will be missed by all.

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Our neighbor, our friend. Gene, you were always there. I hope you and Connie are dancing and laughing. This time around its forever.
When Johnny was driving truck over the road, you always reminded me you would come over if I was having any trouble. I never needed to call but I don’t doubt you would’ve been here quick.
You and Connie did a good job with your kids. Well keep in touch with Jeannie and if she needs anything, we’ll be there.
Well good buddy, guess this 10-4 over and out.