David Merriman, 62, of Lithia, passed away April 1, 2019. He was born in Texas, August 23, 1956 to Jerry and Nellis Merriman. Dave was a beloved husband, brother, and friend. He was Super Dave. He had dreams of flying. He was a cheerful, optimistic person who was pure joy to be around. Always calm and positive, Dave made a truly wonderful impression on everyone, especially people who did business with him. In fact, probably half of his business, which was a successful window tinting business, came from referrals by his clients. He was competent and honest, with careful attention to detail that impressed his customers, who promptly spread the word about his work. Dave enjoyed many accolades, including an A plus rating on Angie’s list, and many endorsements on the neighborhood’s Facebook pages. He took pride in owning a business that he loved. But that was just part of his personality. He was a risk taker, who would climb a 23 foot ladder and stand just where you weren’t supposed to. He loved to explore even intimidating paths while he was out biking, just because he was brave enough to do it. And his bravery was genuine. Dave proudly served his country in the United States Air Force with conviction and courage. Those traits served him well as he faced his illness. Dave was truly fearless. Through it all he was a constant comfort to his beloved wife, Kathy, whose biggest fear was losing the love of her life.

Dave was very active throughout his whole life. He loved sports, never failing to read the Sports page each day. He liked bowling, and was even considering joining a league. He also liked to fish, in fact some would consider him a “Yoda” of fly fishing. (Fitting title, as he also loved Sci-Fi). His wife Kathy talked him into joining a softball league, which he loved not only because of the sport, but because he got to hang out outside with friends. Dave also loved to camp with his friends and family, as being outdoors was exeptionally comfortable for him.

Dave was full throttle at everything he did. He was generous, compassionate, strong, and he was quick to forgive. He loved unconditionally and completely. He is without a doubt in a better place now, waiting to reunite with his cherished love, Kathy, whose broken heart misses him all day, everyday. David was laid to rest at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, FL, which was complete with well deserved military honors

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