Clare Archibald MacLean, age 77, passed away peacefully on Monday, October 7, 2019 at Tampa Bay VA hospital. He was born October 15, 1941 to Harvey and Rena MacLean in Prince Edward Island, Canada and was one of four children. He became a US citizen on * and resided initially in Strafford, New Hampshire . Later in life he moved to Florida and resided with a daughter in Micco, FL; then with another daughter in Vero Beach, FL, and finally in Tampa Bay.

He served his country in both the Navy and Army, and after honorable discharges became an R&D engineer at Mack Truck. He was an expert equestrian and at one time owned upwards of 30 horses, which was his passion. He was adept at raising and foaling mares, rescuing and nursing abandoned horses, and was a longtime horse trainer.

He is preceded in death by his wife Evelyn MacLean in 2007 and daughter Cindy Haas in 2017. He is survived by 3 sisters, Ruth, Leone, and Agnes; 6 children; Scott, Tracy, Wendy, Bridget, James, and Roy as well as 12 grandchildren and10 great grandchildren.

Clare’s wishes were to be laid to rest in his homeland of Prince Edward Island, Canada, to be carried out at a later date.

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