Charles A. Edwards, Sr.

Obituary for Charles A. Edwards, Sr.

Charles A. Edwards,  Sr, 82, of Tampa, Florida , passed away on September 8th in Brandon, Florida.
Charles was born in Jamaica in 1938, he came to the US to make a better life for himself.  Charles worked in construction most of his life.  He  enjoyed working outside, creating and building things especially  those made of concrete.   He retired over 10 years ago  from construction but he continued to  work and build  on his home and for others.  Charles was a  Christian,  always willing to help others  and had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior.
Charles was predeceased by his parents.  He is survived by his children,  sons Charles Jr, Michael, Tony, Carlton and daughters Mary Ann and Victoria  and Grandsons Bruce and Justin. 
Service  will be at: Brandon Cremation and funeral services , Inc, 621 Parsons Ave, Brandon.  Due to the Covid-19  crisis service participants will  be limited.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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Our dad will be missed and we thank the Lord for His grace in allowing our dad to see 82 years of life. As he did come to know The Lord we know he is in a better place. May the God of peace keep us until that great reunion.


Bro Edwards. You will always be remembered for your gentle spirit and kind smile everytime I saw you at church. Rest in Heaven. God Bless your family.

Terri Taylor
Evening Star Tabernacle MBC


We will certainly miss Bro. Edwards. He was very quiet and was always smiling. He always shared some peppermint with me on Sundays when he was at church. God Bless and keep his family! Sis. Johnnie M Collins, Evening Star Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Clerk.


I remember Dad’s trip to Pennsylvania to pic fruit and returning with the biggest apples we’d ever seen. He advised, encouraged me to get a trade as a young man. Once when we were really young, he performed this feat of blowing a brilliant stream of fire from his mouth, into the air, amazing it was. Nice to know I had a Dad!!



Dad taught us about workinh hard and self discipline when it came my education. I have been blessed by both and I will continue to instill in my grandgirls to do the same to make it in this life.
Thanks dad.