Alan W. Mulik

Obituary for Alan W. Mulik

Alan W. Mulik, 62, of Seffner, FL, passed away August 11, 2016. Born in Metuchen, NJ, to Thomas and Marjorie Mulik, Alan joined the US Army at 17, and moved to Florida shortly after being honorably discharged. He spent the last 10 years working as a Port Security Officer at Port Tampa Bay, and took great pride in his responsiblity of being the lead driver of the Port’s mobile command unit. He enjoyed spending his free time on his boat navigating the Tampa Bay waters. Alan and his wife, Karen, loved to travel the country setting their sights on National Parks and surrounding areas. Alan was preceded in death by his mother and father. He is survived by his beloved wife, Karen Mulik; daughters Sara Mulik and Jesse (Jason) Chapas; grandchildren, Davina, Taylor, Jaden, Alexandra, and Claudia, as well as many extended family members and friends.


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