Frequently Asked Questions

What if a death occurs in the late evening or the middle of the night?

We are available to assist you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Although we leave the office at scheduled times, we are always available by phone. Because we do not use an answering service, you will be speaking directly to a funeral professional who will assist you with any questions or concerns. 

What about payment?

We understand that tragedy can bring unexpected costs which aren’t always planned for. We accept all major credit cards, life insurance policy assignments, and we will work with you to make your desired service fit your budget.

What should I bring to the arrangement conference?

We will need to confirm your loved one’s social security number, so please have some documentation that includes it. You will need information often found on a birth certificate, DD214 for veterans, a recent photo if you are placing an obituary, and insurance documents if you wish to assign it.

Can we still have a viewing if we are having a cremation?

Yes. Traditional cremation is nearly the same as a traditional burial, except that instead of taking the casket to a cemetery, the service is concluded at the close of the funeral, and cremation follows.

Do we have to embalm our loved one?

Embalming is NOT required by law, however, if the type of service selected includes a public viewing, it is required by the funeral home. This gives optimal results for the purpose of preservation and proper presentation of the loved one. If you select a service that does not require embalming, such as direct burial, direct cremation, or donation to MedCure or United Tissue Network, embalming is not required. 

What if we don’t want to have a service at the funeral home or a church? 

No problem. The service can be held at the location of the family’s choice, provided the necessary authorizations and permits may be obtained.

How do I place an obituary?

The funeral director will assist you in placing an obituary locally or in any national publication, or if you prefer to place either or both yourself, you may do so. In such a case, the publication often contacts the funeral home to confirm the validity of the obituary. We also offer free and permanent obituaries online on our website and our Facebook page.